A Warm Mug of Love

For Valentine’s Day this year, I decided to make Jim (the other half) something special. Tea is a subject close to his heart and so I made him this heart-patterned mug warmer!

Heart Mug with Jim Heart Mug

He was so chuffed with it he put it on his mug straight away!

To make it I followed this pattern by The Stitchin Mommy: Heart Mug Cosy Pattern and used Stylecraft Life DK in Natural Nepp for the main body and Robin DK Red for the hearts.

Now for my next project! I’m making plans for a new sofa blanket using Morroccan stitch, so a few nights a go I decided to do a test swatch to make sure I could actually perform the required stitch and, voila!

Morroccan Stitch Swatch

Now to repeat this on a x100 scale with Robin Paintbox DK Tropics and a nice cream or white DK (yet to be decided). Can’t wait to get going on this!


Starting the foundation chain

For a while now I’ve been contemplating the idea of starting a blog to post and share all my various crochet and crafting creations as well as having something new to connect me with the crafting world. I have for a couple of years been one half of The Reviewinators – something I will continue – but the format wasn’t what I needed to post about all things woolly, sticky and tasty!

Last April, I taught myself how to crochet. For years I’d on and off wondered how on earth my aunt and my mum made their giant granny square blankets (and by giant I mean probably big enough to cover Belgium). Over Easter, my aunt showed me how to do a treble crochet (UK term) on her blanket and, after a few stumbled attempts once I got hold of my own hook and wool I made my first granny square blanket:

The first thing I ever crocheted, later gifted to a family member who was expecting a little boy

The first thing I ever crocheted, later gifted to a family member who was expecting a little boy

From these humble beginnings I have made many things big and small:

African flower fingerless glove Christmas Stocking

One of the projects I’m proudest of is the blanket I made for my Dad’s girlfriend. She was diagnosed with breast cancer back in August 2014 and, remembering the words of my sadly deceased friend who died from a brain tumour, I decided to crochet her a huge blanket to keep her warm during chemotherapy. Although it took until mid-January to finish, it looked fab and ended up much bigger than I’d originally intended:

Katie's blanket 1 Katie's Blanket 2


I also have my mood blanket as an ongoing project. Back in May 2014 I started Caseloading, the final section of my midwifery training. I wanted a way to document this and my first year as a qualified midwife that wasn’t a diary or something else I would utterly fail at! The result was my mood blanket: a blanket comprising of a granny square a week, each day a colour that represents my mood. Here it is twenty-five weeks in:

Mood blanket 5x5

With a list of about five current projects, I plan to post quite a few projects over the near future and hopefully also some non-crochet related posts too!