Blowing Glass

So today we arrived in the Isle of Wight. My fiancé and I, accompanied by my brother and a close friend, are here to do a memorial walk in aid of our friend Charlie who passed away in 2013. Tomorrow we start our five day trek around the coastal path but today we decided to relax and make the most of the sun (especially as it was tipping it down this morning).

Were staying with my dad whilst over here and his house is only a few minutes drive from Alum Bay so we decided to go down and watch the glass making.

The glass making here is absolutely magical. They do demonstrations and today we watched them make two beautiful, iridescent vases and a load of incredibly delicate posed swans. The craftsmanship that goes into making these things is immense. I’ve been watching these guys make things since I was little and it still captivates me every time. Maybe one day I’ll learn how sculpt glass.

As you can expect, the gift shop is chock full of the most intricate and perfectly designed pieces (most have a lovely price tag too but that’s to be expected from such amazing work). If we get a chance over the next fortnight, I’ll go back and acquire myself another glittery little trinket.

And so tomorrow, the walk begins! We have blister plasters and energising snacks a plenty, not to mention a lot of suncream. If anyone would like to sponsor us, please  click here.

You can find Alum Bay Glass here if you want to find out more or go and see them.


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