How to do Creative Maths


When I was at primary school, I used to love graph and squared paper. After finishing our maths problems the teacher would give us any spare paper and some colouring pens and tell us to colour in the squares however we wanted. I used to love creating intricate patterns on my paper and also recreating what I now know as pixel art.

Moving forward fifteen years (give or take) and I now use those skills when designing my own crochet patterns. So far I’ve only designed blankets but using square paper helps me to think out my design process.

So here I come to my latest design that I’m planning to turn into a Crochet Along (CAL for short). So far it is currently known as the Eight Flower Garden Blanket though this is a working title only. Hopefully, once I’ve designed and tested it, I’ll be able to post it for everyone to enjoy. For now though, it is just a few squares drawn on a piece of paper.


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