Mandala Meditation

Yesterday, I made my first ever mandala. Having never made one before, I’m glad to say that I not only enjoyed the creating process but also found it meditative and therapeutic.


Which comes to the reason I even decided to make a mandala in the first place. Recently, a member or the crochet community sadly lost her battle against depression. During her life, and especially the last few years, she shared so much of her creativity and passion for crochet. She designed and shared several mandala patterns via her blog A Creative Being and in tribute to Marinke another blogger is hosting #MandalasforMarinke . The idea is to gather mandalas from around the globe and display them in memory of Marinke. For more information, visit Crochet Concupiscence

This mandala symbolises many things. For the wider crochet community, it is a contribution to the amazing talent of a wonderfully creative woman. It’s also a small piece in a global collaboration, ignoring many boundaries, geographically, ethnic, philosophical and more. It helps to raise the profile of mental illnesses and the impact they can have of the lives of suffers. More personally, it represents a new creative outlet for me and a way to further combine my love of crochet with my need to de-stress and meditate. And in this busy and stressful world, who doesn’t need something like that?

RIP Marinke.