Trip to the Handmade Fair

Last Saturday an amazing thing happened… I actually had the day off! To celebrate this unusual occurrence, my friend and I decided to treat ourselves and go to the Handmade Fair (presented by Kirstie Allsop) at Hampton Court Palace in London. We spent the day surrounded by crafty loveliness and gathered many ideas for my wedding next year.

The fair had two aspects to it. As my friend and I had booked the full experience we had workshops to attend. We did two Grand Makes, where you are seated in a big marquee and make something under instruction within twenty minutes or so. The first grand make was a hanging dove ornament run by Artcuts, a company that makes wooden shapes for use in crafts. The ornament is so cute and it was a fantastic introduction to stamping too.


For the other Grand Make session we attended, we made Tibetan poetry bunting. It was simple enough, writing a provided line of poetry onto a bunting square, decorating it then tying your square to the other participants’. I didn’t enjoy it as much as the hanging dove session but apparently the bunting will be used during National Poetry Week events.

Skills workshops were the second kind of workshop you could attend. In these you focused for 45 minutes or so on a particular skill. We did calligraphy which I loved and finished covered in ink, then in the afternoon we also made origami gift boxes in the shape of bird boxes. The bird box session was run by Craft Asylum and the paper we used was really gorgeous. I also bought some lovely craft stamps off of them which I plan to use when making my wedding invitations and favours.


Then there was the Super Theatre event! Featuring Sof McVeigh of The Homemade Company and accompanied by Kirstie Allsop we spent an hour learning about how to make our own essential oils, lip balm and salt scrub. My friend and I left the session ferverently discussing how awesome that was and how we could make some up for the wedding!

As well as all the amazing sessions and workshops there were several large tents and gazebos filled with a plethora of crafted items, art supplies and delicious food. We spent a good few hours going through them all. I purchased the above mentioned stamps, and some beautiful hand-dyed wool from Handmade Studios which I’m currently crocheting into some fingerless gloves (pattern to follow in a week or so).

A few vendors I loved but didn’t have the funds to purchase from were Wild Things who make adorable children’s clothing and Seed and Bean who make deliciously scrumptious chocolate of many quirky and imaginative flavours.

The Handmade Fair was a fantastically fun day out and if I can, I will definitely go again next year. It was so nice to spend a day around like-minded crafty people, all passionate about creating and making beautiful things. Hopefully, I will enjoy Yarndale on the 27th September just as much!


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