Warm & Simple Fingerless Gloves

What with autumn setting in and nights and mornings become chillier, I decided that I needed some gloves to address the poor circulation in my fingers. I prefer fingerless gloves as in this modern age, I need to be able to manipulate the screen of my smartphone!

I followed a few different patterns which were brilliant but never exactly what I wanted. So after a little bit of tinkering, I devised this snuggly pattern:

Lovely and snuggly


American terms

DK yarn – I’ve used Stylecraft special and some lovely hand-dyed merino

4mm hook

Special stitches:

  • 2exSCTOG: insert hook into first stitch, yo and pull through, yo and pull through one loop, insert hook into next stitch, yo and pull through, yo and pull through one loop, yo and pull through the three remaining loops on the hook.

Make 2

Chain 37

R1           Starting in the third chain from hook, make a 2exSCTOG stitch then chain one. Repeat this across and SC in the last chain. Turn

R2           Chain 2. Make a 2exSCTOG starting in the final SC of the last round and the second part of the stitch in the chain space. (Helpful hint: you should see a vertical piece of thread where the 2exSCTOG from the last round is. You want the two parts of your 2exSCTOG to “hug” this thread so the first part goes to the right side and the second part to the left). Chain one. Repeat (2exSCTOG, chain one) across. SC in final stitch.

Repeat R2 until you have twenty four rows. Cast off and weave in ends. (If you want a longer gloves, just add more rows)

At this point you should have a lovely crocheted square. Fold this in half lengthways with the side you want on the outside of the glove sandwiched inside the fold. Then SC down the open edge to close, leaving a 2in/5cm hole for the thumb hole. Cast off and weave in ends. Turn inside out and you have your glove!

How to finish of your glove

How to finish of your glove

Optional border: If you like you can add a round of SC to the top of the glove followed by a round of crab stitch (reverse SC). You can also SC around the thumb hole for a cleaner edge if preferred.

Ravelry link: Here

You are welcome to sell products made from this pattern but please give me credit for the pattern, including a link back to this blog if selling online.



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