Sometimes the world can be a daunting and unwelcoming place. For many, self doubt and worry as well as more serious depression and anxiety are a daily battle. Even those who consider themselves happy-natured have off days.

During times of sadness, doubt and general malaise, little things can make all the difference. This is where #knottylove comes in. For a couple of years now I have occasionally left little notes of encouragement and cheer around for people to find. Back in school and university I used to leave them in library books but this year, I’ve decided to go a little further.


#knottylove is all about spreading cheer. Upgrading my little notes, I’ve added little crochet hearts to each one. I plan to distribute them all over the place as I go about my daily life. I hope not only to make people smile but also to connect with those who find my hearts and encourage them to spread the love too.

If you find a #knottylove heart then please find me on Twitter or Facebook and post me a picture. If you feel like helping me out you’re welcome to redistribute the heart or make your own to give out (I’ll post the heart pattern on another time).

Have a happy day and spread the love. Goodness knows, we could all do with more reasons to smile. 🙂


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