Future Climates Star Motif Pattern

As I was encouraged today by one of my lovely colleagues to go home and crochet, I am now happy to present the pattern for the motif I’ll be using for my Future Climates throw. This little star is really simple and the throw could be a nice project for a beginner who has mastered the basic Stitch’s.

Whilst for this pattern I’ll list the yarn and hook size I’ve used, I would imagine you can use any yarn you have available with the appropriate hook.

Future Climates Star

US terms


Stylecraft special DK

Ch4, ss  in 1st ch to make a loop.

R1: ch1, 12sc into loop, as into QST sc to join (12)


R2: ch1, sc in same st, 2sc in next St. *sc in next st, 2sc in next st* around. Join with ss  into 1st sc. (18)


R3: *sc, (hdc, DC, ch1, DC, hdc) in next st, sc in next st.* repeat around and join with ss to first sc. You should now have a star with six points.
Ch4, ss  in 1st ch to make a loop.


To join motifs, instead or ch1 between the two dcs  if the points, as into the ch1 space on the second motif.



And there you have it! How to make and join this fun and diddy little stars. As I said in the original post, if anyone is planning on making the throw or a similar one, please get in contact! I’d love to see other people’s projects and progress.


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