Woolly Boob Therapy!

Sometimes, when one finds oneself a tad stressed, crochet is not just a hobby but one of the few ways of completely grounding myself and emptying my mind. So when my mind was full of midwifery, what else could I crochet but a woolly boob!


In practice, we use these boobs as a teaching aid when discussing breastfeeding. Most of the ones I’ve used tend to be varying degrees of Caucasian skin colour. Not only do I find these a bit boring but I like a bit of colour in my life and crochet. Who said boobs can’t be vibrant green!

In case any of you require similar mammary gland related crochet, here is the pattern:

US terms


DK yarn
4mm hook
Contrasting yarn for marking out the areola
Tapestry needle

R1: 6sc into a magic ring, ss to join


From now on, work in a spiral. Use a stitch marker to mark first stitch of each round as you go.

R2: Sc in back loops around (6)
R3-4: Sc around (6)

Use hdc from this point.

R5: Inc around (12)


R6: *Inc, hdc* around (18)
R7: *Inc, 2hdc* around (24)
R8: *Inc, 3hdc* around (30)
R9: *Inc, 4hdc* around (36)
R10: *Inc, 5hdc* around (42)


R11-15: Hdc in each stitch around (42)
R16: (in back loops) *5hdc, dec* around (36)
R17: *4hdc, dec* around (30)
R18: *3hdc, dec* around (24)

Start stuffing here:


R19: *2hdc, dec* around (18)
R20: *hdc, dec* around (12)

Finish stuffing

R21: Dec around (6)

Fasten off leaving a long tail. Use tail to close up the small hole left.


Using contrasting yarn to embroider on a circle around the nipple to indicate the areola.


Et voilĂ ! One woolly boob!