Winter Woolies & Scarf Pattern

As the cold began to creep into my house and the fire was brought back into evening use, my mind and hook turned to more wintery projects. I currently have several scarves on the go as well as a number of wooly hats in various sizes. I have even embarked on a child sized jumper (which may be finished by Christmas next year!).

Due partially to the release of the Fantastic Beasts film, I’ve been making a couple of basic Harry Potter inspired scarves. 

The top one is a Gryffindor-inspired one and the bottom one, which is still in progress, is based on the scarf Newt Scamander wears in the new movie.

Both are really simple and totally suitable for a beginner as only four different stitches are needed: (US terms) chaining Ch, half double crochet Hdc, single crochet Sc and slip stitch Ss. If you know these, you can make these scarves and in any colours you like.


You will need: 

Several balls of yarn in the desired colours

Crochet hook sized to match your yarn

Tapestry needle for weaving in ends


( I used Stylecraft Special DK yarn for both scarves and a 4.5mm hook for the Gryffindor-inspired one and a 5mm hook for the Newt Scamander one)

Begin by chaining until you reach the desired width of your scarf (I recommend between 35 and 45 based on the yarn I used) plus two.

Row 1 – (In the back bumps of the chains) Starting in the third chain from the hook, hdc across. You should have one less stitch than your initial chain (the two chains you skipped at the beginning count as a stitch). Turn work. 

R2 – Ch 2 (counts as a hdc here and throughout), hdc across with the last hdc into the top chain of the ch2 from the previous round. Turn work.

Repeat row 2 until scarf is the desired length. Make sure you count your stitches and make sure you have the same number in each row.

To change colour – Fasten off at the end of the last row of colour A. With a ss, join colour B to the first stitch of the row and ch2, hdc across as in row 2 and turn your work when complete.

Last Row – Sc across and fasten off. Then go back to the beginning of your scarf and have it orientated so you can crochet another row across. Join your yarn in the first stitch with a ss (which should look like the top of a normal stitch if you crocheted into the back bumps of your initial chain) and sc across. Fasten off.

The body of your scarf is complete! You can use it as is if you like or you can add tassles with the following instructions:

– Cut lengths of yarn in your desired colours about 12 inches long and gather them into bunched of 8 strands all lined up.

– Fold the bundle in half.

– Using your crochet hook (a larger one may make this easier) put your hook thought the stitch you wish to attach the hassle to and pull the bundle through at the folded point.

– Then using your fingers, draw the loose ends of the bundle through the loop created and pull tight. 

– Repeat as desired, equally spacing the tassles along the edges.

For those interested here are the colours and rows I used for my scarves:

Gryffindor-inspired: Burgundy for rows 1-20, Saffron S for rows 21-22, r23, r24-25. Then repeat 30 rows of B, 2 rows of S, one of B, 2 of S. When scarf almost at desired length, finish with 20 rows of and the last rows in B. The tassles comprised of 6 and 2 strands.

Newt Scamander: Grey for 16 rows, mustard for 16 rows, repeat as desired finishing in grey. Tassles with 4 strands of each colour.

Enjoy making your scarves and please send me pictures either in Instagram (@knottybiscuits) or via my Ravelry profile. I would love to see all the lovely scarves you make!


Chocolate Orange Pompom Hats

So, despite it being November, I am having to prepare for Christmas. As part of little stocking gifts, I have accumulated some delicious Terry’s Chocolate Oranges. Inspired by various blog posts and Ravelry, I designed my own covers for the little oranges: cute little pompom hats!


These little beauties are great for using up scrap yarn and can be made within about 20-30mins.


US terms

4mm hook

DK yarn

Special stitches:

FPhdc: hdc around the front of the post of the previous round.

BPhdc: hdc around the back of the post of the previous round.

R1: magic ring, ch2, 11 hdc into ring (12), join with ss

R2: 2 hdc in each stitch, join with ss (24)

R3: *2hdc in first stitch, hdc in next stitch. Repeat from *. Join with ss. (36)

R4-5: hdc in each stitch around. Join with ss (36)

R6: *10 hdc, 2hdctog, repeat from *, join with ss (33)

R7: *9hdc, 2hdctog, repeat from *, join with ss  (30)

R8: *8hdc, 2hdctog, repeat from *, join with ss (27)

R9: hdc in each stitch around. Join with ss (27)

R10-11: *FPhdc, BPhdc* repeat around finishing with a FPhdc. Join with ss. Make sure the FPhdc and BPhdc stitches line up to create the ridges.

Fasten off and weave in ends. Make a pompom and sew to top off hat.

(Whilst you are welcome to make and sell items made from this pattern, please credit me for the pattern.)

And there you have it! If you do make your own, please post a picture. It would be lovely to see all the different little hats other people are making!

How to make a #knottylove heart

Last week I posted about my #knottylove project to try and inject a little bit of happiness into people’s lives: leaving little, cheerful notes with crocheted hearts around for people to find. So that anyone who want to carry on the good work can make their own hearts, here’s the pattern for the little hearts.



US terms

Any weight yarn

Appropriate size hook for yarn

Teeny Heart

Make a magic ring. Ch2, DC, 2TRC, DC, HDC, SC, ch2, SC, HDC, DC, 2TRC, DC, ss  into ring. Cast off and pull tight. Tie the ends of yarn into a knot. Use ends to hang the heart somewhere.

Even Teenier Heart

Make a magic ring. Ch2, 2DC, HDC, SC, ch2, SC, HDC, 2DC, ch2, ss  into ring. Finish as with other heart.

Of course, you can use these little hearts for more than spreading love and they make lovely additions to bunting and as appliques.

Warm & Simple Fingerless Gloves

What with autumn setting in and nights and mornings become chillier, I decided that I needed some gloves to address the poor circulation in my fingers. I prefer fingerless gloves as in this modern age, I need to be able to manipulate the screen of my smartphone!

I followed a few different patterns which were brilliant but never exactly what I wanted. So after a little bit of tinkering, I devised this snuggly pattern:

Lovely and snuggly


American terms

DK yarn – I’ve used Stylecraft special and some lovely hand-dyed merino

4mm hook

Special stitches:

  • 2exSCTOG: insert hook into first stitch, yo and pull through, yo and pull through one loop, insert hook into next stitch, yo and pull through, yo and pull through one loop, yo and pull through the three remaining loops on the hook.

Make 2

Chain 37

R1           Starting in the third chain from hook, make a 2exSCTOG stitch then chain one. Repeat this across and SC in the last chain. Turn

R2           Chain 2. Make a 2exSCTOG starting in the final SC of the last round and the second part of the stitch in the chain space. (Helpful hint: you should see a vertical piece of thread where the 2exSCTOG from the last round is. You want the two parts of your 2exSCTOG to “hug” this thread so the first part goes to the right side and the second part to the left). Chain one. Repeat (2exSCTOG, chain one) across. SC in final stitch.

Repeat R2 until you have twenty four rows. Cast off and weave in ends. (If you want a longer gloves, just add more rows)

At this point you should have a lovely crocheted square. Fold this in half lengthways with the side you want on the outside of the glove sandwiched inside the fold. Then SC down the open edge to close, leaving a 2in/5cm hole for the thumb hole. Cast off and weave in ends. Turn inside out and you have your glove!

How to finish of your glove

How to finish of your glove

Optional border: If you like you can add a round of SC to the top of the glove followed by a round of crab stitch (reverse SC). You can also SC around the thumb hole for a cleaner edge if preferred.

Ravelry link: Here

You are welcome to sell products made from this pattern but please give me credit for the pattern, including a link back to this blog if selling online.


Candle Gift Pouch

A month or so ago, I became unwell at work and was taken to A&E. A couple of my friendly colleagues came with me and made sure I was okay and managed to get my partner to me as well. The next day, feeling slightly less like I’d been run over, I decided to make something to say thank you.

I absolutely love candles, especially flowery-smelling ones, and had a few in the house in little holders. To make them prettier I designed a little pouch to put them and present them. My friends loved them and, after some further testing, I’m happy to bring you my little pouch pattern!

This pattern was made to hold a small candle in a little holder but could be used as a pouch for sweets or other small items. The limit is your imagination… and the size of the pouch!



DK yarn

3mm hook

Ribbon or cord

US terms

This pattern is worked in a continuous spiral, use a stitch marker to mark the beginning of each round

Stitches needed: Sc, sc inc, sc dec, hdc, dc, ch, ss

Feel free to sell items made from this pattern but please give me credit for the pattern!

Rnd 1: 6sc into magic ring (6 stitches)

Rnd 2: Inc in every stitch around (12)

Rnd 3: *sc, inc* around (18)

Rnd 4: *2sc, inc* around (24)

Rnd 5: *3sc, inc* around (30)

Rnd 6: *4sc, inc* around (36)

Rnd 7: Sc in back loops only of each stitch around (36)

Rnd 8: *10sc, dec* three times (33)

Rnd 9: *9sc, dec* three times (30)

Rnds 10 & 11: Hdc in each stitch around (30)

Rnd 12: Skip 1 stitch, 3dc in next stitch then *skip 2 stitches, 3dc into next stitch* around (30)

Rnd 13 & 14: 3dc into the second dc of each 3dc-cluster from the previous round (30)

Rnd 15 & 16: Hdc in each stitch around (30)

Rnd 17: *Dc, ch1 and skip 1 stitch, dc* around (30)

Rnd 18: Hdc in each stitch around (30)

Rnd 19: Sc in each stitch around (30)

Ss into next 3 stitches, cast off. Weave a ribbon or cord through the gaps in Rnd 17 and tie in a bow to close the gift holder.