For the Love of Scrap Yarn

So this last month things have been rather hectic: we’ve moved house, changed cars and my partner’s started his new job. Today is the first day for a while I’ve really had to sit down and relax.

So in true crochet addict fashion, I’ve been sorting out my yarn. I have a large plastic bag of little scraps, small leftovers from past or frogged projects that are too small to make anything significant but too big to warrant being thrown away. These little scraps get sewn together and wound into scrap balls.


I love how these balls look. They represent my love of crochet, the pride from completing a project, the emotional toil in creating a woollen masterpiece. These are the bits that never quite made it into the intended project.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t matter. In fact, to me at least, they mean a lot. Earlier this year, I started a twelve point star blanket from these scraps. I love this blanket and it is probably the project I am most proud of. It’s not complicated or difficult but it represents me more than anything I’ve ever made before:


The way the colours are all random and offset gives it this lovely quirky vibe. It is unique and no one will have a blanket exactly the same. And the best bit is that it is mine. Most of my projects go to other people but I can snuggle under this blanket, wrap it around me and know it is mine. That is a really satisfying feeling.

However, I am curious about what others do with their scraps. I would love to know about the creative things people do or make with their scraps so leave me a comment and let me know.

In other news I’m contemplating a Christmassy project which, if I have time, I will share with you all come December. Watch this space…